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About AMPoulin Remastered Images:


During his studio years from 2005-2017, Art Poulin created an impressive portfolio of close to 100 original acrylics paintings, with many of his canvases being large, complex, and incredibly detailed landscapes. (His originals can be seen at www.artpoulin.com.) After Art was no longer able to paint, he decided that, if possible, his style should be continued and his portfolio expanded through a process called digital remastering - that is, the reuse of components of his prior works to create new compositions and subject matters. In the last months of his life, Art worked closely with Gail to transfer his 'rules of thumb' for color, style, composition and spirit that coalesce to form the core and soul of each image. So Gail is now the sole creator of every remastered image, using Art's original canvases as her palette. Her portfolio is presented under the brand AMPoulin, and has made all images available for licensing considerations exclusively through this website. All questions should be directed to Gail.